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Via Canova, 3 - 35020
Sant’Angelo Di Piove Di Sacco PD - Italia
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Companies Newtorks

Automotive, insurance, banks and much more: we offer a complete service to all the large companies that need to manage their brand on a large number of sales points, studying solutions that enhance the brand and at the same time are easily adaptable to different architectural situations.

Companies Newtorks - Comunicacon

Mass customization

Thanks to the design and direct production of our products we are able to create advertising media that can combine the efficiency of mass production with the need to offer customers a personalized product.

Mass customization - Comunicacon

The 360° production management also allows us to present ourselves to the customer as the sole interlocutor for all the promotion at the point of sale: in addition to outdoor signs and totems, we integrate the offer with exhibitors, interior corner fittings, panels, roll-ups and any other indoor or outdoor display solution that the customer needs.

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